Repowering Wind Assets Without Rebuilding Farms

Europe's first generation wind assets are getting older. According to Wind Europe, 38 GW of European onshore wind capacity will reach the end of their 20 year lifespan between now and 2025. A wind farm's output decreases by 12% over a twenty year lifetime, increasing the levelised cost of electricity by 9%.

There are only a few options for your wind assets once they reach 20 years old and are no longer operating at their peak capacity. There is lifetime extension, repowering or decommissioning.

Repowering assets is an effective and resourceful way to get the most out of your renewable energy investments. Though only 10% of wind turbines approaching the end of their lifecycle are being repowered. This is likely due to changing legislature, permitting issues or supply chain restraints that coincide with building a new wind farm. When we think of repowering, usually what comes to mind is replacing entire turbines or major parts. However, that is not always necessary.

Sometimes repowering an old fleet can be done with software alone, with the software provider never setting foot onsite. So, what can we do to help with your repowering project?

WindESCo solutions access untapped potential at existing wind sites. The two options are Find, Fix, Measure (optimize individual turbines using high speed data) and Swarm (increase production site-wide by cooperatively adjusting wind turbine positioning). 

Download the Ultimate Guide to Yaw Misalignment and the Ultimate Guide to Wake Steering to find out which solution is best for your wind farm energy production.