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2 min read
Are Lookup Tables Adequate for Real-World Wake Steering Applications?
Cooperative control in wind plants refers to the strategy where multiple wind turbines work...
1 min read
Automatically Correct Yaw Misalignment with WindESCo Swarm™
WindESCo has pioneered the detection of yaw misalignment from high-frequency (HF) SCADA data....


1 min read
WindESCo Recognized Among Top 100 America's GreenTech Companies
In a significant accolade for renewable energy...
1 min read
WindESCo Launches 'Pulse': The First End-to-End Solution for Performance & Asset Health
WindESCo, a leading wind energy analytics...
1 min read
WindESCo Hires Martin Rath as Director of EMEA and APAC
WindESCo is very pleased to announce that Martin...

Whitepapers & Case Studies

Case Study: Main Bearing Pulse

Optimize what you already have with WindESCo's Main Bearing Pulse In today's competitive landscape of wind energy,...

Case Study: Can You Trust Your Analytics Results?

When is High-Speed SCADA Data Required? In the evolution of digitalization, owners and operators are investing in...