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Improve the Performance and Reliability of every wind asset.


WindESCo is the leading renewable energy performance analytics company.

At WindESCo, our passion lies in empowering our customers to maximize the performance, energy production, and reliability of their assets, ultimately unlocking the hidden value of their projects and contributing to a greener future for all. We believe that data holds the key to achieving these goals. When you choose WindESCo as your partner, you gain access to a dedicated team that is committed to guiding you on your journey toward smarter, more efficient energy production.

Through proactive recommendations and seamless implementations, we strive to optimize your entire plant, increase your Annual Energy Production (AEP), and drive more revenue for your business. Our comprehensive approach ensures that you not only achieve linear improvements but also experience continuous optimization, leading to sustained growth and success.

With the launch of WindESCo Swarm, the first patented solution for wake mitigation and collective control of wind turbines, we have revolutionized the industry. By implementing WindESCo Swarm on new and existing assets, we can deliver farm-level AEP improvements both onshore and offshore while safeguarding assets from climate risks and extreme events, leading to a more efficient and resilient renewable energy infrastructure.

We have a global reach, extending our expertise and services to optimize wind turbine assets and supporting infrastructure. From onshore and offshore wind plants, including mechanical and electrical systems, we aspire to accelerate the energy transition and preserve our planet through both organic expansion and strategic industry partnerships.

Our team is dedicated to leveraging data-driven solutions to revolutionize the renewable energy sector, making it more efficient, reliable, and environmentally sustainable. Together, let's create a brighter and cleaner future for generations to come. 

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Our Approach

We provide high-impact results for our customers through a unique approach to wind plant optimization. By pairing automation, AI and deep domain experience, we can provide expert-level optimization at scale.

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Our Global Impact

WindESCo works globally to improve the performance and reliability of wind turbines. Our  data-centric approach allows us to optimize turbines anywhere in the world. We serve the largest IPPs in the world as well as investors, asset managers and utilities. 

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Optimizing Wind Plants

WindESCo works with IPPs, utilities, investment funds and other stakeholders to continuously improve performance and reliability of wind assets. Our SaaS-based approach provides value year after year. 

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"The wind industry is facing multiple headwinds, including declining incentives and prematures failure of equipment that are hurting profits. By solving key pain points and improving profitability, WindESCo is playing a crucial role in securing a leading source of sustainability energy."

Praveen Sahay
Manating partner | WAVE Equity Partners
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Provide POWER to IPPs

We work tirelessly with customer teams to quickly translate market leading expertise into real production gains, year after year. 

Make a Positive Impact

We care deeply about our plant, our customers, our team and our communities. We are driven every day to speed the renewable energy transition. 

Relentlessly Innovate.

We challenge the status quo and we develop what's next. We use results-driven validation to quantify improvement and to inspire our next generation of solutions. 

Do the Right Thing

We own our actions and behaviors. We strive to prove our results with confidence and acknowledge our failures with learning. 

Make it Happen

The best plans mean nothing without execution. We act decisively and with integrity, ensuring all stakeholders' voices are heard and respected. .

Be a Kick-Ass Team

Creating innovation and success require great teams. We strive for an inclusive, exciting workplace that celebrates collaboration, individual enthusiasm and business growth. 


Leadership Team

Mo Dua

Mohit (Mo) Dua

Founder and Chief Executive Officer
Ping Liu-1

Ping Liu

Chief Product Officer
Scott Wheeler

Scott Wheeler

Chief Financial Officer
Martin Rath

Martin Rath

Head of Sales, Europe

Danian Zheng, PhD

Head of Product Development
Pete Bachant

Pete Bachant, PhD

Head of Software Engineering
Marisa Kiefer

Marisa Kiefer

Head of Customer Success
Jonathan Kossuth

Jonathan Kossuth, PhD

Head of Customer Analytics
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