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Continuous, Scalable Optimization for Wind Assets


Analyzing SCADA to Improve
Actions, AEP, Reliability, Performance, Site Management, Insight, Profitability

WindESCo provides deep analytics that go beyond traditional dashboard providers. Leveraging existing SCADA, we can deliver performance and reliability improvements without the need for additional hardware. Our customers see clear and attractive returns on their investment year after year.

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Using existing SCADA, WindESCo continuously checks wind assets for opportunities to optimize performance and reliability. Finds are verified by our experts and displayed in the WindESCo portal where they can be reviewed and prioritized by your team. 



WindESCo provides Fix recommendations to improve asset performance. These recommendations are used by your team, OEMs and third-party service providers to advance from availability-based KPIs to performance-based programs.  




Measurement is a key feature of the WindESCo solution. Once Fixes are marked as complete, we calculate and report the performance improvement in both financial upside and additional MWh at the turbine, site and fleet levels. 


Turbines Optimized


Cubic Tons of CO2 Offset


Million in Value Added

A Financial Approach to Wind Turbine Optimization

WindESCo puts the financial opportunity for wind asset optimization front and center. We provide a continuous calculation of the increased AEP and new revenue opportunities for your fleet, sites and individual assets. We help you prioritize performance and reliability improvements based on business initiatives and maintenance schedule. 

AEP and Revenue Improvement on Wind Plants
Prioritize Improvements

Quickly Sort and Prioritize Improvement Opportunities

Sort opportunities to improve performance to determine the most impactful actions for your site or fleet. Sort actions by AEP potential or run a campaign across your assets for a specific performance improvement.  

Measure the Impact of Performance Optimization

Measurement of AEP gain plays a critical role in your optimization programs. WindESCo tracks the financial and MWh impact of every improvement you make at the turbine level.  See your annual and cumulative performance gains. 

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Fleet Scalability

Scalable to your Entire Fleet

Performance and reliability analytics are important but doing them at scale is how operators can improve financials. Scaling Find, Fix, Measure across a fleet does not mean more work for your team. The most nimble and efficient teams in the wind industry leverage WindESCo to find optimization opportunities without adding work hours. 



Action > Insight

With WindESCo, you'll move beyond data visualization to make actionable improvements to your turbines. Here are just a few of the optimizations real customers have implemented to improve their asset performance. 


Action > Insight

With WindESCo you'll move beyond data visualization to make actionable improvements to your turbines. Here are just a few of the optimizations our customers have implemented to improve their asset performance. 

Example Finds
Rated Power Issues in Turbines

Find: Rated Power Issue

(issue detected) 

 6° Yaw Misalignment Detected
 Fix  Change parameter for adjusting yaw misalignment
 Measure  1.1% AEP improvement for turbine, 0.6% for plant
 Benefit  $4,300/Yr for turbine $320,000/yr for plant

Yaw Misalignment in Wind Turbines

Find: Yaw Misalignment

(issue detected) 

Hight temperature due to converter fan issues
 Fix  Repair damaged fan
 Measure  2.4% AEP improvement for turbine
 Benefit  $32,000/Yr for turbine 


Find: Pitch Optimization Issue

(issue detected) 

Non-optimal pitch setting
 Fix  Adjust the minimum pitch by 0.5°
 Measure  Improved AEP by 0.9%
 Benefit  $131,400/yr


Find: Startup Issue

(issue detected) 

Multiple failed attempts at startup
 Fix Adjust start up turbine parameters
 Measure 1.0% for plant
 Benefit  $42,000/Yr 


Find: Unexpected Curtailment

(issue detected) 

Unexpected curtailment not associated with known event
 Fix Incorrect parameter had been incorrectly applied to the site
 Measure 5% AEP impact to the farm while active (11 days)
 Benefit  $15,000 cumulative losses


Find: Torque Control Gain

(issue detected) 

Torque gain/curve inconsistent across peers
 Fix Correct parameter values for pitch-power table on 25% of turbines
 Measure 0.8%% AEP impact and reduced risk of blade damage
 Benefit  $50,000/Yr 

Managing a renewable portfolio of more than 1GW without the depth of staff of a utility means our time is precious. Working with WindESCo has allowed us to prioritize optimization that make a real difference to our margins without taking focus away from other important parts of the business.
Ben Brooks
Portfolio Management
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