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Unlocking the Performance of Assets under LTSA with WindESCo Find, Fix, Measure 

Greencoat engaged WindESCo to help improve the performance of assets under contract with the OEM. 

Greencoat case study desktop Image

Download this case study to learn how WindESCo Find, Fix, Measure identified 2.2% site-wide AEP improvement and validated OEM corrections. 

Assets under contract are often considered off-limits to external AEP improvement programs. In this case, WindESCo shows how collaborating with an OEM can effectively increase plant performance within a long term service agreement. 

In this case we:

  • Identified performance issues through a data-only solution
  • Worked with the Asset Manager and OEM to fix the problem
  • Validated the changes made through the OEM's 2nd generation solution
  • Increased AEP site-wide to improve margins 

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