How to Grow Revenue through Wind Turbine Data

Your wind turbines may be producing lots of SCADA data, but are you making the best use of it?

If not, your wind farm could be falling millions of dollars short of its revenue-generating potential.  

Making the Most of Wind Turbine Data

Traditional SCADA analysis may only include 10-minute data. The problem with this is that it may not accurately reflect the rapidly changing environment in which a wind turbine operates. In this scenario, you are merely seeing the average data for a 10-minute period.

This is where we see the benefits of high-speed data — that is, wind turbine data produced every 10 seconds or faster. When WindESCo looks at high-speed data using our proprietary algorithms and methodologies, we find wind turbine problems that may otherwise get missed.

Improve Your AEP

The WindESCo team has had many customer sites in which we have identified wind turbine underperformance issues that would never have been discovered by using only 10-minute data. High-speed data can also identify problems that are, in reality, much worse than they appear in a 10-minute block of data.

Our algorithms perform 16 detailed checks of your high-resolution SCADA. This allows us to see performance anomalies that other forms of analysis miss.

However, WindESCo’s solutions offer a further benefit: unlike traditional SCADA analysis that works solely to identify problems, it seeks to identify ways in which your wind turbine performance can be improved.

Generate Extra Revenue

We don’t just present wind turbine data. We analyze it and then help you take steps to improve turbine performance and thus increase the revenue your wind farm generates.

At WindESCo, we find and fix anomalies in yaw alignment, pitch optimization and wake steering by making modifications to hardware and controllers.

The results produced by our algorithms and methodologies are impressive — we find and fix wind farm anomalies that have resulted in a 2-5% improvement in AEP. Depending on the size of the farm, this could mean millions of dollars in extra revenue year after year.

How do we ensure your performance gains are measured accurately? We provide a bespoke AEP measurement model, approved by DNV, that compares a control set of turbines to your modified turbines on site.

Get Your Money Back

WindESCo can also avail you to significant savings in operating expenditure. In fact, some customers recover the cost of their investment with us within a matter of months as a result of AEP improvements and operational savings.

When we conduct an analysis of your wind farm, we examine dynamics (such as power to pitch angle), not only in relation to a single turbine, but across the whole wind farm by conducting turbine-to-turbine comparisons.

To be clear, this is not a dashboard-based approach. We focus on actionable intelligence.

You may already be storing high-speed data — WindESCo can help you put that data to work.

Talk to us. If you want to improve annual energy performance and the overall value of your fleet, get in touch. We will help you find a solution.


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