Poll Data Shows SCADA Data Is Underutilized

In February 2021, WindESCo and A Word About Wind hosted a webinar on Accelerating Wind Energy Performance. Event panelists represented multiple sides of the wind energy industry, including an original equipment manufacturer (OEM), fund manager and an independent power provider (IPP). The discussion centered around IPP and operators’ access to SCADA data from their turbines, and their ability to work with trusted third parties to implement improvements to their assets. In many cases, long term service agreements with an OEM limits the IPP and operators’ ability to make changes to their turbines, and in some cases, access the full breadth of their SCADA data.

During the event, we asked operators how they felt about their ability to access data and implement improvements. Our infographic summarizes the results.

The data makes clear that many operators believe there is room to improve their AEP through data-driven solutions. About 60% reported that their SCADA data was underutilized. Despite that, operators reported relatively high satisfaction with their OEMs, with more than half of respondents noting they were satisfied or very satisfied. Only about 40% of operators have conducted anomaly detections to determine impacts on wind turbine performance, highlighting the untapped potential to improve output at wind plants globally.

WindESCo looks at high resolution data to find common anomalies and fix them, delivering AEP improvement. We work with OEMs to help operators unlock their SCADA data and boost performance.

Want to learn more? Check out our case study to learn how we helped UPC work with their OEM to increase Annual Revenue by $5,700/MW.

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