GWEC Releases 2021 Global Wind Report

2020 was a record year for the global wind power industry, but a new report published by GWEC suggests installation of new wind power capacity must be tripled over the next decade to achieve global climate targets. 

As the Global Wind Report 2021 details, wind power is essential in achieving net-zero and powering a green recovery as the cost-competitive, resilient power source with the most decarbonization potential per MW. The total global wind power capacity is now up to 724 GW, helping the world avoid over 1.1 billion tonnes of CO2 annually, according to the report. 

However, the report warns, the world needs to be installing a minimum of 180 GW of new wind energy every single year to avoid the worst impacts of climate change yet.

Among the details of the 80-page report is a list of nations that added the most wind capacity in 2020, displaying China's dominance in new global wind assets last year..

Top 10 Onshore Wind Markets for New Capacity in 2020

        1. China – 48,940 MW
        2. US - 16,913 MW
        3. Brazil – 2,297 MW
        4. Norway – 1,532 MW
        5. Germany – 1,431 MW
        6. Spain – 1,400 MW
        7. France – 1,317 MW
        8. Turkey – 1,224 MW
        9. India – 1,119 MW
        10. 10. Australia – 1,097 MW

You can download the full report, free, on GWEC's website, to access their full analysis of the gains made in the wind energy market in 2020 and predictions of what's to come.  Be sure to check out WindESCo's case study on page 14! 

Read GWEC's Global Wind Report 2021