The US's $25 billion per year Repowering Opportunity

Repowering of wind projects in the US is set to attract $25 billion a year in spending by 2030. This potentially tens-of-GW market could be vital to meeting the US’s 2030 climate goals by ensuring wind projects are not shut down prematurely and existing developed land and transmission are used efficiently.

The US has embraced repowering as a zero-carbon solution, including it in an extended and expanded tax credit subsidy regime for clean technologies under the newly passed Inflation Reduction Act. We believe that repowering wind projects will help meet the US’s climate goals and ensure that wind projects are not shut down prematurely.

To assess the status of American wind repowering, our Wind Investment Boardroom event collected insights from renewable experts including Vann Gupta, Vice President, Asset Development, Brookfield Renewable US, John Clapp, Chief Financial Officer, Scout Clean Energy, Borja Munoz, Business Development Director, OX2, Eli Davis, Director, National Australia Bank, Ben Stafford, Sales and Commercial Executive, GE Renewable Energy, and Juan Carlos Puente, Chief Financial Officer, Atlantic Shores Offshore Wind.

The report includes information on the challenges and opportunities of repowering wind projects. Your can read it free by visiting Tamarindo

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