GWEC Urges Clean Energy Policymakers with Action Towards 5 Point Plan

July 19, 2022, the Global Wind Energy Council published a five-point plan for renewable energy policymakers to "accelerate renewables to achieve energy security, affordability and climate action." This comes during an international heatwave where temperatures around the world climb dangerously high. As a result of increased energy demands in the heat, grids prove incapable to meet energy demands across Asia, Europe and North America, as predicted back in May.

To increase energy security, affordability and climate action, GWEC CEO Ben Backwell suggests policymakers make sensible decisions moving forward to support the energy transition. These decisions should be sensitive to the social, economic, environmental and national security risks of prolonged dependency on fossil fuels.

With effort to lead policymakers in the right direction, GWEC outlined this five-point action plan.

GWEC five point plan for renewable energy policymakers

In the meantime, while we wait for policymakers to act towards improvements, the best we can do is work with the assets we already have. There are some solutions on the market to improve the energy production of your portfolio.

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