• Turn turbines into sensors
  • Create real-time turbine intelligence
  • Maximize energy, minimize component damage

Improve major component reliability to reduce OpEx

Increase AEP

Prolong turbine lifetime beyond intended use

Our mission is to ensure that every wind turbine produces its maximum potential energy output and operates beyond its intended lifetime.


WindESCo was founded in 2014 to complement OEM turbine technology with an intuitive, performance improvement solution that would function across a variety of platforms in the wind energy industry. Wind turbine owners are often faced with underperforming assets and excessive operational expenditure with limited ability to diagnose the root cause(s).

As such, WindESCo has developed a cutting edge IoT system that leverages intelligent sensor technology and deep machine learning to address the many needs of an industrial scale wind farm. We’ve done this by partnering with, and hiring the brightest minds in their respective fields to make our vision a reality.

Today, WindESCo is proud to be the technology solution provider in wind energy.