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Where Renewable Energy Optimization is Heading

With deep domain expertise and a commitment to supporting the energy transition, we're passionate about optimizing renewable energy assets. 

Swarm- Beyond Wake Steering

Swarm is the next generation solution for minimizing wake effect onshore and offshore. 

With Swarm, turbines work together to minimize wake interference, optimize low wind conditions, reduce curtailment, protect against extreme conditions and more. 

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We are now swarming. The first-ever commercial implementation of collective turbine control is now running at a 165-turbine plant in Utah. 

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Your Fleet View

When you log into WindESCo, you see specific actions to improve your wind assets' performance and reliability.  Move between fleet, site, and turbine views with a click.


Measure Financial Improvements 

Each finding and fix to your wind turbine uncovered by WindESCo shows financial opportunity to your site and fleet. 

Financial Gain

Continuous Asset Monitoring

Our 60+ performance and reliability checks run across the SCADA of your wind assets continuously. Findings are reviewed by our experts to minimize false positives. 

continuous checks

Prioritize your Actions

Easily sort performance and reliability issues by their AEP potential, cost, ROI, and more to prioritize work.


Evidence Made Easy

All WindESCo findings on each wind turbine are backed-up by evidence -- including analytics, loss models, power curves and other visualizations. 


Our Experts are Available to You

Unlike other analytics solutions, WindESCo's subject matter experts are available to answer questions about our findings, evidence and recommendations through the portal, or however you'd like to reach us. 

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'Managing a renewable portfolio of more than 1GW without the depth of staff of a utility means our time is precious. Working with WindESCo has allowed us to prioritize optimization that make a real difference to our margins without taking focus away from other important parts of the business.'

Ben Brooks
Greencoat Capital

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Optimize Wind Assets through SCADA

WindESCo's Find, Fix, Measure provides owners and operators of wind assets a fast path to optimized performance and reliability. 

Through advanced SCADA analysis of over 60 issues, we continuously check that your turbines are running as expected and flag them when issues occur. Best of all, you'll see AEP and revenue potential for each issue we find, allowing you to sort and prioritize the issues most important to you.  

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Enable Turbines to Work Together 

Swarm is WindESCo's groundbreaking technology that allows turbines to work together to improve performance, with AEP gains between 3-5% site-wide.

Through multiple applications and an IIOT system, Swarm is the fist commercial solution for cooperative control, wake steering, predictive yaw and more. 

Learn more about Swarm and wake steering. 


Performance & Reliability Across your Fleet

Our technology scales with your portfolio. Through the WindESCo portal, you can find the best opportunities in improve performance across your fleet. High-frequency data is valuable, when you have it.  We now offer 40+ checks on 10-minute data, too. 

We offer APIs to integrate WindESCo analysis into your existing systems and allow your custom analytics to run through our platform. 

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We are stronger together.

Partnering with WindESCo provides more opportunities to capture additional energy from existing wind assets.

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Work with us: 
  • Technology Partners. WindESCo works with providers of complementary technologies to improve renewable energy performance
  • OEM Partners. Our WindESCo Swarm™ technology is licensable by OEMs to help owners gain 3-5% AEP plant-wide.
  • Service Provider Partners. Service providers partner with WindESCo to offer AEP improvement for their entire fleet.
  • Investment Fund Partners. Renewable energy is one of the most attractive investment opportunities. Partnering with WindESCo has helped differentiate the portfolios of the most successful investment funds by improving asset value.
  • Customers with existing engineering and O&M services. WindESCo partners with our customers to extend their internal services using our AEP solutions to drive 3-5% improvement in the performance of their wind sites and across their portfolios.

Learn more about partnering with us. 


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ABB Invests in Strategic Partnership with Clean Energy Start-up to Offer End-to-End Wind Energy Portfolio

Zurich, Switzerland, SEPTEMBER 6, 2023

  • ABB Motion acquires minority stake in WindESCo, a leading analytics software...
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WindESCo Hits 64

WindESCo now runs 64 individual checks on our Customer’s SCADA to uncover turbine performance anomalies across the...


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