Find, Fix, Measure

Continuous, Scalable Optimization for Wind Turbines

We've updated our flagship solution to better-enable our customers to improve the performance and reliability of their wind assets. Watch the video below to hear about the latest updates or request a demo with our team. 

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Unlimited Fixes Automatically Provided

Now every issue detected in Find, Fix, Measure is reported with a recommended Fix automatically as they arise.

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60+ Checks

Checks for availability, pitch, power, turbine performance, yaw and more. View a summary of WindESCo Finds here.


Optimize Turbine Reliability

Our ever-expanding list of checks now includes reliability issues including temperature checks across various components.  

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Subscriptions for 10-minute data analysis

For assets where high-frequency data is not available, or for focused initiatives such as benchmarking assets, we now offer subscriptions for 10-minute data analysis.

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Annual Improvement Opportunity

Our portal displays annual improvement opportunities upfront to help you understand the value of various recommendations and your total return on investment for fixes within your fleet.


Expert Review Process

Our automatic checks are backed by the intelligence of our team of domain experts to eliminate false positives and ensure the accuracy of our analysis. 

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Tell us about yourself and Marisa, our head of customer success, will tell you about the latest Find, Fix, Measure latest features!