Meet William Westgroves, Principal Software Engineer at WindESCo

We are excited to welcome William Westgroves as our principal software engineer. He will work with the software engineering team to build the customer facing WindESCo SaaS user portal. Once finished, customers will consume their Find, Fix, Measure results more conveniently. 

William is an accomplished software engineer, solutions architect and software development manager. This speaks for itself with his 20+ years of experience designing and implementing secure, scalable solutions for the healthcare and commercial sectors using the latest cloud-based technologies. 

Prior to WindESCo, William was CTO, lead architect at Alvarium Systems, solutions architect, delivery manager and scrum master at Optimum. In his free time, William enjoys to help raise his children, tend to his bonsai trees and write music. 

William is excited to join a team of highly specialized engineers who provide a valuable service through maximizing wind energy production.

If you're interested in joining our team, check out our career page