Meet Danian Zheng, WindESCo's new Senior Director of Product

WindESCo is proud to announce our new Senior Director of Product, Danian Zheng. Danian joins us from GE, where he accumulated extensive product management and development leadership. He is a system thinker and obsessed innovator with 19 years of experience in leading advanced technology. He brings knowledge of sensors, controls, analytics, and systems integration in wind power generation and service industries.

Danian has a Ph.D. in Controls in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign. In 2002, he joined the GE Global Research Center and started innovation in offshore wind technologies. Since then, he has led advanced wind technology development in both wind turbine structure and controls and complete wind turbine system design of GE’s 1.7x-100 product. More recently, he has led the GE Wind Service product development for both GE RePower and PowerUp products to help customers generate the most value from their wind turbines.

As the senior product leader of WindESCo, Danian will focus on delivering the latest WindESCo performance improvement products and shaping the SaaS-based product pipeline.

Welcome, Danian!