Windpower Engineering & Development: Further collaboration between wind turbine OEMs and operators could boost wind industry profitability even more

By Martin Sørensen, Director of Alliances, WindESCo

This articles was originally published in Windpower Engineering & Development on August 23, 2021. 

As the wind industry continues to scale-up globally, now is the time to reimagine how key players within the sector interact with each other, learning lessons from industries such as rotorcraft — where the correct functioning of complex gearboxes and rotating blades is a matter of life and death, incentivizing greater collaboration between aircraft designers, manufacturers and service providers.

There is growing recognition that innovation in the wind industry thrives when businesses talk to each other about the challenges they face. Key to enabling this are independent service providers (ISPs) that can act as unbiased advisors and form the glue between key stakeholders.

By adopting a more open approach to collaboration, innovation and data sharing, all parties can ultimately benefit. Crucially, when more conversations happen between businesses, the industry benefits as a whole. Because trust needs to be earned — but it stems firstly from understanding.

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