About Windesco

Unlocking The Hidden Value of Renewable
Energy Plants

Our Mission

Make Wind More Efficient.

WindESCo is the leading renewable energy performance analytics company. We are passionate about helping our customers maximize their assets' performance, energy production, and reliability, ultimately unlocking the hidden value of their projects and leading to a greener future for all of us. This can all be done by making the most of data.

When you work with WindESCo, you work with a dedicated team that is committed to guiding you on your journey toward smarter, more efficient energy production. With proactive recommendations and implementations, we'll help you optimize your plant, increase your AEP and drive more revenue.

Optimizing Wind Plants

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* WindESCo is the only competitor that will not only work with you through each phase,
but repeat them again, and again to continuously improve your plant’s performance.

“The wind industry is facing multiple headwinds, including declining incentives and premature failure of equipment, that are hurting profits. By solving key pain points and improving profitability, WindESCo is playing a crucial role in securing a leading source of sustainable energy.”

Praveen Sahay
Managing Partner | WAVE Equity Partners

Our Core Values

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Provide POWER to the customer

We work tirelessly with customer teams to quickly translate market leading expertise into real production gains, year after year.

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Make a positive impact

We care deeply about our customers, our team, our community and our planet. We have a passion for excellence and our humility keeps us grounded. We are relentless in our pursuit of better ways to do things.

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Relentlessly innovate, thoroughly validate and continuously disrupt

We challenge the status quo and 
we develop what’s next. We use results-driven validation to quantify each improvement and to inspire our next generation of solutions.

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Do the right thing

We own our actions and behaviors. We strive to prove our results with confidence and acknowledge our failures with learning. We seek the truth, and will pursue it always, even when it is uncomfortable to do so.

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Make it happen

The best plans mean nothing without execution. We act decisively and with integrity, ensuring all stakeholders’ voices are heard and respected.

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Be a kick-ass TEAM

Great innovation and success require great teams. We strive for an inclusive, exciting workplace that enhances team collaboration, individual enthusiasm and business growth.


Your Goals
Are Our Goals.

Wind plant optimization can be challenging for a number of reasons. Some of the most common challenges include:

  • Analyzing data to identify issues and plans to address them
  • Gambling large capital outlays on solutions that may not address your root problems
  • Demonstrating the impact optimizations have on your revenue
WindESCo is unique. Our biggest goal is to see our customers succeed. When you work with WindESCo, you work with a trusted long-term partner. We will take the time to understand your goals, giving you data-based and actionable insights, guidance, and added value year after year.
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Our Unique Approach
Makes All the Difference.

We are able to provide high-impact results for our customers because we take a unique approach toward wind plant optimization. Our data-based approach allows us to combine multiple data points and approach issues from every angle. The result is better energy production and increased revenue.

The WindESCo Approach

The WindESCo Experts

The wind experts on our leadership team have extensive combined domain expertise, experience in wind plant operations and graduate-level academic credentials, making them true authorities in the wind industry. Our leaders bring experience, passion and expertise to all of our engagements, enabling us to work with you towards the best possible outcome for your project.

Mo Dua

Founder, Chief Executive Officer

Mo Dua

Founder, Chief Executive Officer

Mo is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of WindESCo. He is passionate about applying data science and sensing to solve challenges faced by the operating wind assets. A problem solver at heart, he founded WindESCo to realize his vision of providing a comprehensive optimization solution for wind farms.

Prior to WindESCo, Mo worked as the head of the analytics group at First Wind supporting development and operation of more than 16 wind farms on USA. It was while working at First Wind and seeking optimization solutions that he became aware of an urgent need in the market for a company like WindESCo.

Ed Wagner

Chief Revenue Officer

Ed Wagner

Chief Revenue Officer

Ed serves as WindESCo’s Vice President of Global Sales, Marketing and Alliances.  Ed is a seasoned software veteran in the wind industry and brings more than 30 years of experience in the energy, aerospace, and industrial markets. Ed is ready to help usher in our next phase of growth as we pioneer wind plant optimization across the globe.

Ed joins us from Sentient Science where he was General Manager of the Wind Business Operations. Sentient Science Corporation provides digital twin technology to extend the life of mechanical systems like wind turbines. He was instrumental in building Sentient's largest base of customers in North America, Europe and China.

Prior to Sentient Science, Ed held senior leadership positions in software technology companies, including Chief Strategy Officer at Experience.com and VP of Computervision, a division of Parametric Technology Corporation (PMTC). He also has held leadership, executive and sales roles at Rasna, Chaperone Guidance Systems, Alignent and Icebreaker developing expertise in selling software products and services to industrial, defense, transportation and oil & gas markets.

Danian Zheng PhD

Vice President of Product

Danian Zheng PhD

Vice President of Product

As the senior product leader of WindESCo, Danian delivers the latest WindESCo performance improvement products such as Find, Fix, Measure and is instrumental in developing new and innovative solutions like WindESCo Swarm™, the first commercial farm level IoT based flow control product in the industry.

Danian has a Ph.D. in Controls in Mechanical Engineering from University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign. He joined GE Global Research Center in 2002 and started innovation in offshore wind technologies. He subsequently led advanced wind technology development in both wind turbine structure and controls and completed wind turbine platform system design of GE 1.7x-10x product series. Before joining WindESCo, he lead the GE Wind Service product development for both GE RePower and PowerUp products.



“WindESCo's solutions fill a major gap in the wind energy performance optimization space. We have successfully applied our solutions to increasing the operating margins of wind plants for project owners”

Mo Dua
Founder & CEO | WindESCo