WindESCo's New Logo!

We've updated our logo! As our company expands and evolves, our brand must grow too.

While we loved our previous logo, it no longer captured our business. Branding changes can be bittersweet. Especially at a company like WindESCo, that was born from and built by a small team of experts who are deeply committed to a mission. But, we believe our new logo will better position us to fulfill that mission.

With that said, we are proud to present WindESCo’s new logo. 



It’s lively, energetic and modern, while sticking to the roots of our brand. The new icon symbolizes the closed-loop approach WindESCo takes in optimizing renewable asset production and also calls to mind our global presence.

The new logo takes notes from our previous one, utilizing similar curved shapes. We took the horizontal swoop and created a circular icon. We’ve also added to our color palette, giving us more creative flexibility as we improve how customers experience WindESCo’s findings and results. 

We’re delighted to share our new look with the world. Our refreshed branding will help us bring innovative, advanced solutions to the renewable energy industry and ultimately live out our mission: to maximize the performance of our customers’ assets, ensuring every renewable asset achieves its optimum energy production and reliability.


-The WindESCo Team