WindESCo secures contract for WeProtect and WeBoost with a large U.S. utility

A leading U.S. utility company is now collaborating with WindESCo, the comprehensive wind asset optimization solution provider. The company announced deployment of both WeBoost and WeProtect on a utility scale wind farm.WindESCo is providing continuous monitoring and analysis of loading on select turbines at the wind farm using their revolutionary WeSense low cost load monitor and WeProtect analytics tool. Based on the results of this the owner expects a major reduction in operating expense and extension of component life across the entire windfarm. Additional services provided by WindESCo include applying WeBoost analytics to improve windfarm annual energy production (AEP) through identification and correction of static yaw misalignment. An improvement of up to 2% AEP is anticipated and the actual results are validated using side-by-side comparison with neighboring turbines.Unlike traditional condition monitoring systems (CMS) or SCADA based prognostic services that simply try to identify when a component is about to fail, WindESCo services identify mechanical loads leading to recurring failures and reduce or eliminate the occurrence of these excessive loads thus preventing the failures in the first place. At its core, the WindESCo solution includes its WeSense, a proprietary low-cost rotor loads measurement system, coupled with its patent pending WeProtect analytics. WindESCo’s approach is to combine data science and physics-based modeling to provide a unique set of services including failure prevention, lifetime extension and turbine output increase.“At WindESCo, we are building customer focused solutions with a vision to create the best operating wind farms in the world. We are excited about this collaboration and I am confident that our innovative solutions will bring tremendous value to the owner," said Mo Dua, CEO and founder of WindESCo.