Swarm™ Commissioned at 165-Turbine Plant in Utah

For months the industry has heard about our groundbreaking wake steering and collective control technology, Swarm™.  We are excited to announce that the first Swarm implementation has been commissioned at Longroad Energy's Milford I & II plants in Utah. 

Our new case study discusses how WindESCo and Longroad determined project feasibility and ROI to ensure project success. The report also shows early AEP improvement data as well as a load testing conducted with the help of UL and DNV. 

Installation of the Swarm Edge devices on the 165 GE and Clipper turbines was completed on schedule in December of 2022.  The Milford Swarm implementation marks the wind industry's first major wake steering project completed as a retrofit solution. While research and modeling studies of wake steering are prevalent, only WindESCo offers a commercial solution. Swarm has broad application for both onshore and offshore assets and can be integrated during construction to optimize new plants or as a retrofit solution for repowering.  

While Swarming at Milford is in early stages, data from wake steering pairs show AEP improvement that exceeds modeling predictions. We'll continue to share results as they coalesce.

You can download the full case study here. 

Milford Wake Steering Case Study