Karthik Appuraj, System Integration Leader at WindESCo

WindESCo welcomes Karthikeyan Appuraj this month as the new System Integration Leader.

Karthik has 17+ years of experience in Engineering and Product development for Industrial automation, automotive and Renewable energy sectors. Karthik holds a M.Sc. Embedded Systems and Robotics from University of Essex, England and a bachelors degree in Electrical and Electronics Engineering from Bharathiar University, India.
He started his career building special purpose machines to review and verify assembly quality of automotive components, Packaging quality of FMCG, quality of surface mounted PCB's, inkjet assembly units. A couple steps later, he found himself in the Renewable Energy Sector building wind turbine control systems for various GE onshore wind models, started EDGE control groups for GE Onshore Wind, created app development capabilities, and regulatory & serviceability apps.
As System Integration Leader at WindESCo, Karthik is responsible for Swarm system integration, Cyber security, Serial production software + hardware validation, field deployment and system cost management. He brings engineering & product development expertise in systems engineering, EDGE computing, IIoT, Control Software Development Lifecycle, Cyber Security, serial production, and sustenance of software + hardware products, and intellectual property management from his previous roles.

Aside from engineering, Karthik spends his time on family roadtrips with his wife, their two kids and pet dog Caramel, the lemon beagle. He also enjoys landscape and astro photography, as well as hardware and software DIY projects.


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