• Surge protection
  • Shock resistant (25g)
  • Vibration resistant (2.3g)
  • Moisture resistant
  • IP66 rated
  • Power supply : 24V to 230V
  • Temperature : -25°C to +45°C


WindESCo’s platform revolutionizes how wind farm operators measure and utilize the wind to maximize performance while protecting major components from damage. At the heart of the WindESCo offering is our intelligent rotor monitoring system, WeSense.

Loads that result in damaged blades, drivetrains and towers and ultimately, lost power production and profits originate in the rotor.  Yet, loads are seldom measured on operating turbines due to high cost.  Existing load monitoring systems haven’t kept up with the demands of operating assets, are prohibitively expensive and difficult to retrofit with limited configuration options.  WindESCo has partnered with leading industrial automation technology provider, Phoenix Contact to offer a unique,  cost-effective and robust rotor load monitoring system.

WeSense can be easily retrofitted to an existing operational turbine and is designed to handle hundreds of millions of rotations while mounted in the turbine hub. Made with durable IP66 rated industrial enclosure, the WeSense utilizes waterproof connectors to protect against moisture and features a surge protection system to protect against lightning strikes.

WeSense Node

The WeSense unit collects signals from Nodes bonded at the root of each turbine blade. Developed by our experts, WindESCo has optimized these sensors for accuracy, temperature independence, cost-effectiveness, ease of installation and longevity.

WindESCo has conducted extensive testing using a load frame and environmental chamber to select the correct material and manufacturing process to ensure that Nodes provide reliable data. Accelerated fatigue performance testing was conducted on a full-scale blade undergoing an IEC structural test to ensure that Nodes will last the life of the blade and beyond.

WindESCo’s platform also features an advanced auto-calibration feature to calibrate load measurements using the self-weight of the blade. When suitable conditions exist, the system enters calibration mode ensuring accurate translation of Node signals to load. By contract, industry-standard loads measurement is not scalable requiring extensive manual calibration of blade sensors in light wind conditions.

WeSense Node
  • Reliable
  • Long life
  • Easy to install
  • Low temperature sensitivity
  • Low cost
  • No drilling required


As the world continues to move to the cloud, security becomes ever more critical, especially for power plants.  We have prioritized security while providing ease of access for our customers with the WeEdge.  WeEdge is an edge computing platform within the wind farm firewall which collects data from the WeSense units installed at the wind farm, as well as, the SCADA system and provides a real-time feed to operators.

WeEdge provides critical real time turbine performance data without compromising power plant security and problems with latency. WeEdge also allows turbine-to-turbine communication and control bringing the power of IIoT to improve wind farm performance.

  • Secure
  • Low latency
  • Versatile