The WindESCo Focus

Improve major component reliability to reduce OpEx

Increase AEP

Prolong turbine lifetime beyond intended use

Our Solution

WindESCo has built an intuitive, deep learning SaaS analytics platform to change the way windfarms are managed and perform. We’ve partnered with the best sensor and instrumentation technology providers to deliver new, unique data points that make real time turbine adjustments when aggregated and analyzed through our cutting-edge machine learning algorithms. Our platform then integrates with the windfarm’s SCADA system to establish a continuous feedback loop for further recommendations for turbine and wind farm optimization.

Cost Efficient

ROI typically within one year

OEM Independent

Integrable on most turbine technologies


Low cost solution with flexible business model


Designed for installation on exisiting wind farms

How We Do It

Proprietary sensors and instrumentation to collect unique data from turbines

A dynamic edge computing system that integrates and analyzes multiple data streams to optimize turbine performance in real time

Our cloud-based analytics platform produces recommendations for further turbine and wind farm optimization