Our Approach

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Continuous Wind Asset Optimization at Scale 

WindESCo provides measurable ROI on wind assets year after year. 

We combine high-frequency SCADA analytics with the fields of turbine loads, controls, meteorology, sensing and machine learning using IIOT  to continuously improve the performance and reliability of wind assets. 

Working with Us

Working with WindESCo means you have a partner in meeting your business goals, whether they are to improve profit margins, prepare for M&A activity, or extend asset life. Our domain experts take the time to understand your needs and ensure our solutions deliver results.  

Assess Wind Asset ROI

1. Business Value Assessment 

Working with WindESCo starts with a Business Value Assessment (BVA).  By assessing your portfolio, asset models, power prices and capacity factors, we estimate the potential AEP gains and ROI for our work together. This ensures that our solutions fit your business needs.

Wind turbine data integration

2. Data Integration

Continuous analysis of high-frequency data requires data integration between you and WindESCo's secure cloud server. We have multiple options for data integration to make this step as easy as possible. 

Wind Turbine Analysis and Measurement

3. Analysis & Measurement 

WindESCo runs 60+ check on wind turbines to identify optimization opportunities. We estimate the potential gain of each opportunity to help you prioritize your work. Once improvements are made we track the results to measure financial impact and ROI. 

Continuous Optimization of Wind Turbines

4. Continuous Optimization 

We run all our checks at scale so your asset performance and reliability continues to improve over time. Your wind assets may show seasonal performance changes or changes made during maintenance activities. WindESCo will help you identify performance issues early and often. 


A Trusted Partner

Hear why Jeremy Law, Director of Asset Management at Longroad Energy, continues to chose WIndESCo as a trusted partner in wind asset optimization.



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