Wind Farm Unlocks $430,000 In Annual Revenue from an Acquired Wind Plant

In 2018, WindESCo was engaged by Longroad Energy to optimize the performance of a recently acquired 145 MW wind farm.

We worked closely with the project owner to increase the value of their investment by improving annual plant revenue by $3,000/MW or $430,000 per year.

Longroad Case Study cover - new logo (1)

Download this case study to learn how our WeBoost platform enabled this, as well as:

  • Our approach to increasing plant output and its relevance for M&A transactions
  • Why projects continue to lose revenue to yaw misalignment and how we correct it
  • How pitch settings affect output and how we help optimize them
  • Anomalies detected by WeBoost's AI-based algorithms
  • How we worked with Longroad's engineering and site team to fix these issues
  • How our partnership with Longroad increased the value of their project

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