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What types of analysis does WindESCo provide?

Understanding performance, asset health, and other WindESCo monitoring

WindESCo utilizes current SCADA data to assess your wind assets and uncover potential opportunities to improve both performance and reliability. Our experts meticulously review these findings, which are then presented in the WindESCo portal for your team to assess and prioritize accordingly.  We work with your team to prioritize actions to take, then track the progress and impact on your KPIs through our portal.

Performance Health: 

A comprehensive solution based on the Pulse data fabric, AI/ML, and deep domain expertise to identify actionable environmental and operational factors that may impact wind turbine performance. WindESCo goes beyond just identifying issues by also recommending actions to support owner/operators in improving the AEP of their assets.

Asset Health: 

WindESCo Pulse offers a range of modules designed to monitor the health of assets across different wind turbine subsystems. Customers have the flexibility to select one or more modules based on their specific needs. By proactively alerting customers about impending failures, Pulse empowers businesses with enhanced control and facilitates informed O&M decisions.

Case Management:

An intuitive tool to assign and manage cases to an issue allowing you to streamline O&M processes, track resolution progress, feedback, and results. Pulse makes it easy to maintain all relevant information in one place.

Data Integration:

Pulse has taken an approach to use the data that you already have - integrating multiple data sources including SCADA, events, failure history, maintenance records, vibration, weather, etc. The synthesized data fabric makes it easy to organize and contextualize data for the analyst to explore.