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FFM Issue Check Process

Understanding WindESCo's process to detect turbine issues with checks

Many of our customers want to have a deeper understanding as to how WindESCo identifies an issue and how it ends up on the portal.

First is data integration: 

WindESCo supports many data integration types (a few examples listed below) to transfer data from your system to WindESCo's.  A key element to note is that while many issues can be identified on less data, some of our checks do require a full 3 months of high frequency data.  As such, some issues will be run earlier than others as sufficient data is available.  Of course if historical high frequency data is provided, all the checks will be completed on day 1.

WindESCo's FFM Architecture:

Some of our customers have asked how WindESCo is able to scale so easily.  This is in part because of our flexible architecture which is cloud-based and easily scalable as we get additional site data.

Identifying a new Issue:

Our analytics team continuously reviews data and existing issues to see if there are new behaviors on site.  When something is identified, WindESCo has a process to ensure that learning is converted into benefit for all customers.

Generating an Automated Check:

Once WindESCo has automated an check, our system will check nightly for any new issues and flag them to be addressed.