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Understanding WindESCo Swarm

Taking cues from nature, and the intuitive decision-making of birds in flight, WindESCo Swarm™ is set to unlock millions of dollars for wind asset owners by enabling turbines to cooperatively adjust positioning to boost production for the entire farm – not just single machines.

What is included?

WindESCo Swarm combines hardware and software as an integrated system.  By allowing turbines to communicate with and learn from each other, we help owners unlock their asset value. Swarm takes a multidisciplinary approach combining the fields of turbine loads, controls, meteorology, sensing and machine learning using IIOT and AEP analytics. The system can be implemented as part of new wind plants or as a retrofit or repower solution.

How does it work?

  • Making Wind Turbines Social: Rather than optimizing turbine-by-turbine, Swarm looks at the entire site as a system. 
  • Continuous Optimization: Turbines adjust collectively to changing wind speed and direction, turbulence and wake losses.
  • IIOT Flexibility and Scalability: Swarm  is deployed through edge devices residing on each turbine and doesn't interfere with existing controllers
  • System as a Service Model: We make swarming budget-friendly and Swarm applications are continuously improved and expanded. 

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