Rated power inconsistent over time

Understanding the "Rated power inconsistent over time" check

What is the purpose of the turbine issue check?

  • A given turbine has a rated power level that changes over time, either continuously, intermittently, or with discrete change points.

Can you see this in 10-min data? 

  • Yes, this issue can be identified by reviewing the 10-min power curve

What does this look like / How do you identify this issue?

  • For this issue, a power curve was plotted over time (see the dates below) which showed differences

How can you tell the issue is corrected?

  • This issue is corrected when the power curve is consistent over time and can only be confirmed with time that the issues is fully corrected.
  • In this case, WindESCo worked with the customer to confirm settings were correct and the curtailment strategy operating correctly
    • It was identified that there was an average of 100 kW decrease in rated power for 8 months
    • Correction of the issue increased revenue by $5,000/Year or the site