Portal Overview

Get a general overview of WindESCo's portal features

Welcome to the WindESCo customer portal!  We’re excited to share with you a portal that is entirely focused on highlighting actionable opportunities to gain back AEP for your site.

When you log into your portal site you will see something like this:

This shows you “At a Glance” your wind sites and some key features.  Let’s go through some of the main functionality to get familiar with the portal.

To control what you see on the main screen you can click the ‘carrots’ (triangle, highlighted in green) on the left toolbar:

The toolbar is organized by: 

  • Organization
    • Site Name
      • Turbines 

If you had multiple sites they would all show under the organization name (in this case “Escowind”.  You’ll notice at the top we have several key KPI’s that we highlight immediately.  These will represent all your sites that are under WindESCo analytics collectively.  To see site details specifically, navigate to that site!

In this case since we only have one site as an example you will notice the total organization’s numbers match the site numbers.  In the future we’ll make these KPIs configurable if you’re not seeing what you’d like to see!

In the top right there is a bell icon that will show any new notifications for your organization or site.