OEM pitch optimization underperformance

Understanding WindESCo's pitch optimization check

What is the purpose of the turbine issue check?

  • OEM implemented seasonal pitch optimization feature not generating optimum power
  • Pitch Optimization may depend on many wind farm and turbine specific factors, including typical air density, turbulence, blade surface conditions, and blade modifications and the Region 2.5 control algorithm.

Can you see this in 10-min data? 

  • While some pitch analysis may be completed on 10-minute data, WindESCo depends on high-frequency data in order to run its optimization

What does this look like / How do you identify this issue?

  • Our pitch optimization tool analyzes the coefficient of power and pitch angle relationship to identify the optimum configuration to increase the turbine power generated

How can you tell the issue is corrected?

  • WindESCo validates that the pitch setting was successfully addressed. In this case changing the setting by half a degree.  This is to ensure that the lowest value of the oscillating pitch angle is consistently corrected and no unexpected changes are observed:

  • Additionally, WindESCo has run Energy Improvement Assessments to validate the energy improvement opportunity estimated by the pitch optimization tool.  To date, WindESCo has observed gains consistent with the estimated improvement.