Non-optimal cut-in behavior

Understanding the "non-optimal cut-in behavior issue"

What is the purpose of the turbine issue check?

  • WindESCo has observed turbines that do not cut-in at appropriate wind speeds. In this example, the turbine attempts to start up thousands of times, with only one successful start. 
  • This is an issue because wind speeds are sufficient to maintain operation, but the turbine does not start.

Can you see this in 10-min data? 

  • No significant power curve behavior is observed because the turbine is not producing power.

How do you identify this issue?

  • WindESCo identifies regions of failed or non-optimal cut-in by comparing wind speed, pitch behavior, and quantifies the AEP opportunities. 
  • If the AEP opportunities are significant enough to be addressed, WindESCo recommends next steps to optimize the cut-in behavior (in this case by correcting the start-up turbine parameters).
    • This issue had a 1% AEP impact on the turbine
    • Correction of the issue increased revenue by $42,000/YR for the turbine

How can you tell the issue is corrected?

  • Once corrected, WindESCo was able to see the failed start-ups were no longer occurring on the turbine