Nacelle transfer function inconsistent with peers

Understanding the "Nacelle transfer function inconsistent with peers" check

What is the purpose of the turbine issue check?

  • A given turbine has a nacelle transfer function that differs from others of the same turbine model at a given site.

Can you see this in 10-min data? 

  • This issue can be identified in 10-minute data by comparing the wind direction to other metrics on the wind site

What does this look like / How do you identify this issue?

  • In this turbine it was identified that one of the turbines was exhibiting a higher rate of shutdowns compared to its peers
  • Below we can see a high number of curtailment in the power and the associated wind direction over time.

How can you tell the issue is corrected?

  • It was identified that this turbine’s NTF’s parameters had been changed which was causing an early cutout resulting in a loss of 8-10% AEP for the turbine
    • Correction of this issue correlates to a $16,256-20,322 improvement per turbine