How to use the Power Curve Explorer

Tutorial on the WindESCo power curve explorer

In your site view you will have access to the power curve explorer under the "Explore" tab (formerly known as Analytics).  This is a powerful tool, but it can be useful to have a little orientation.  When the page loads it will look something like this: 

Reference turbine allows you to compare two turbines on the same graph (one in blue and one in the reference turbine in gray):

Don't forget to take advantage of plotly standard tools.  They will show up in the top right as you hover over them, but a key function is to click+drag to zoom in and double click to zoom back to the default.

 The color column will allow you to see the associated value on the chart - in this case generator speed: 

Another handy tool is to click a point for further analysis (show in the red plus above).   The associated arrow markers will indicate the 10-min bin before and after the selected point.  The larger arrow is +/- 10-min and the smaller, +/- 20min.  Additionally, wen you select the point, you will see the associated point highlight on the predefined curve to the right:

Note that you can select a few options here and more will come with time.  Below these graphs, a time series will show up for the selected point which can be a helpful reference for deeper investigation.  Please note you can select which signals are shown in the time series using the signals window and you can adjust from 10-min to HF data (if available at the time).  For example: 

For further questions or concerns, don't hesitate to reach out to us!