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The WindESCo team is happy to work with you

Get to know our teams who will be working on your wind farms - remember if you ever need to get in touch, click the "Contact Us" link at the bottom.

Leadership Team

It is our pursuit to fulfill customer expectations. 

Questions / Concerns / Feedback that you’d like to share?  We welcome your thoughts - our Senior Leadership team would love to hear from you!  


        Mo Dua                                  Ed Wagner                          Danian Zheng           

  Founder & CEO               Chief Revenue Officer                VP of Product

Customer Operations / FFM Product 


                   Marisa Kiefer

Customer Operations Manager  & 

Sr. Manager of Find, Fix, Measure

Data Integration Team


              Anton Pavlov                                      Joel Von Behren

Sr. Data Integration Engineer             Data Integration Engineer

Analytics Team


    Jonathan Kossuth                               Toni Kristo

Sr. Director of Analytics                  Analytics Engineer

Sales Team

             Harry Liu

Director of sales, China


James Duncan                         Zuri Zugasti                    Russell Wang

                        Applications Engineer (NA, EMEA, China)