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Find, Fix, Measure Subscription

Understanding the Find, Fix, Measure contract

What is included in this offering? 

  • On-going site-wide Finds & Fixes
  • Measurement for any Fixes implemented
  • Access to the customer portal 
  • Insight and tracking of AEP opportunities
  • Tracking of financial impact of Finds
  • Access to WindESCo’s knowledge base including industry-leading developments
  • Automatic application of new Finds on active sites
  • Wind Plant Optimization Assessments (standard offering only)
  • Access to WindESCo Analytics team for deep dive explanations

What is the Standard offering?

The Find, Fix, Measure Standard offering is based on a combination of 10-minute and High-Frequency data for customers who want to access to the full WindESCo suite of algorithms, Fixes, and measurement.

What is the Basic offering?

The Find, Fix Measure Basic offering is based on 10-minute data is a good solution for customers with a more limited IT support or are on a time pressure and need a simplified data integration approach.  This provides access to a subset of WindESCo's algorithms, Fixes and automated measurement.