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Find, Fix, Measure Product Offerings

Understanding the different product offerings under the Find, Fix, Measure umbrella

The description “Find, Fix, Measure” is used as a collective term for many different products.  It is important to understand that if someone is referring to “Find, Fix, Measure” that they are likely to be referring to the collective product suite whereas “Find, Fix, Measure Subscription” refers to the specific 3-year product style that has all aspects in scope.

What is the high-level product cycle?

The traditional product life begins with “Find”, which includes Data Integration, where data from the customer is obtained, and Analytics, where the data from the customer is reviewed.  The next stage is “Fix”, which refers to fixing turbine issues identified in “Find”.  The “Measure” stage refers to a measurement of the AEP improvement from the correction in the “Fix” stage.  The Measure stage includes WindESCo's automated measure and the optional add-on, the Energy Improvement Assessment (EIA).

In addition, WindESCo is always working on the improvements to the customer experience such as:

  • Additional Issue Detections: WindESCo will continuously be releasing additional Finds across all wind farms with active subscriptions.  If we Find something new at a site, we'll automatically check to see if that is present at any other wind farm.
  • Additional portal capabilities: There will be regular product enhancements - led by your requests! - released on a regular basis.

What are the different feature offerings?

  • Find, Fix, Measure: The full product cycle including all WindESCo Finds, recommended Fixes to correct the issue and automated measure to calculate the gains leveraging both 10-minute data and high-frequency data.
  • Find, Fix, Measure Basic: The full product cycle including a subset WindESCo Finds, recommended Fixes to correct the issue and automated measure to calculate the gains leveraging only 10-minute data.
  • Energy Improvement Assessment (EIA): A DNV-Approved Energy Improvement Assessment (EIA) on an increment of 10 turbines including a detailed explanation of the EIA methodology and process

It is important to note that all of these products are preceded by the Data Integration process where WindESCo ingests or collects high-frequency data into their system.