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Data Integration

Understanding the data integration process at WindESCo

Data integration refers to the process of integrating with the your data collection source.  This is a process that can be quite complex as high-speed data is still a relatively new aspect of the wind industry.  It is particularly helpful when WindESCo can review a data file sample to confirm signals available, the signal frequency, and if there are any unique mapping considerations for the data team.

What is included? 

  • Establishing a data integration connection with the customer
  • Support in basic troubleshooting and configuration with the WindESCo format
  • Ingestion of data into the WindESCo system

Required data?

  • High-frequency data (<30sec) for ~30 signals
  • 10-min data (all available signals)
  • Event data

Types of Data Integration Supported?

  • API (PI, Bazefield, Greenbyte)
  • Database (MS SQL, MySWL, PostGRES)
  • File Export
  • WindESCo's data collection via virtual or physical WeEdge server

WindESCo is continuously adding data integrations that we support, please don't hesitate to reach out with questions!