Our Team

Mohit Dua

Founder & CEO

Winston Mizelle

Director, Sales

Brendan Taylor

Director, Software

Jonathan Kossuth (PhD)

Director, Engineering

Nathan Post (PhD)

Lead Engineer

Jonathan Young (PhD)

Principal Data Scientist

Pete Bachant (PhD)

Wind Farm Engineer

Daniel Donovan

Adminstrative Manager

At WindESCo, we strive to deliver a comprehensive, real-time integrated intelligence solution for wind turbines. For too long, turbine owners have operated with too little knowledge of how their assets are responding to actual wind conditions.

The WindESCo solution begins with our proprietary WE Sense unit, which collects high-resolution, real-time data about the effect wind conditions are having on turbines.  We then utilize our deep-learning algorithms to leverage the data into instantaneous, turbine-level reactions.

We don’t stop at individual turbine adjustments, though. Beyond making turbines far more intelligent than originally designed, we then enable them to communicate with each other. An individual wind turbine can not only react to current wind conditions affecting its own performance, but it can alter its operations to improve that of a neighboring turbine if it collectively leads to better wind farm performance.

Welcome to our technology revolution in wind!