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Utilizing a combination of smart sensing, advanced analytics and real-time feedback control, WindESCo is an IIoT firm revolutionizing how wind farms leverage data to maximize profit and performance.  We offer a variety of platforms intended to save wind farm operators savings in the hundreds of millions over the life of a project by increasing annual energy production (AEP), reducing major component failures, increasing component lifetime and by providing real time feedback for end-to-end improvements.  WindESCo’s scalable solutions enable wind farm operators prevent expensive equipment failures before they happen and extend asset life beyond the design lifetime of wind energy equipment.


Mo Dua

Mo Dua

Founder and CEO


Mo is the Founder and CEO of WindESCo. He is passionate about applying data science and sensing to solve challenges faced by the operating wind assets. A problem solver at heart, he founded WindESCo to realize his vision of providing a comprehensive optimization solution for wind farms.

Prior to WindESCo, Mo worked as the head of the analytics group at First Wind supporting development and operation of more than 16 wind farms on USA. It was while working at First Wind and seeking optimization solutions that he became aware of an urgent need in the market for a company like WindESCo.

Nathan Post

Nathan Post

Head, Technology

As the Director of Technology at WindESco, Nathan is responsible for R&D and product implementation.  Nathan brings to WindESCo 10 years of experience in experimental applied mechanics, hands-on system implementation, data acquisition, and statistical uncertainty analysis. Prior to joining WindESco, Nathan worked as a project engineer at Fraunhofer Institute for Energy Systems Technology (IWES) in Bremerhaven Germany where he commissioned a new laboratory for structural testing of wind turbine blades up to 70 m in length.  Subsequently, Nathan returned to the US and continued structural testing of wind turbine blades and research in test methodology while working for the National Renewable Energy Laboratory.   Stationed at the Wind Technology Testing Center in Boston MA, Nathan again commissioned a new test facility, trained the engineers and technicians, and worked to develop new test hardware, data acquisition software, and test control algorithm. Nathan holds a BS in Mechanical Engineering with Honors from Clarkson University and MS and Ph.D. degrees in Engineering Mechanics from Virginia Tech.


The global wind industry has undergone a stunning metamorphosis from fringe technology to real player on the grid. In the past ten years alone, global wind capacity  has grown from 120,000 MW in 2008 to 540,000 MW in 2017.  That remarkable growth has been driven by customers seeking cost-efficient answers to power generation and utilities seeking a solution to volatility in fossil fuel markets.

However, as many of the subsidies and incentives for the wind industry are expiring across the globe, and with increased O&M cost due to turbines aging, operating wind assets must continue innovating to remain cost competitive with traditional sources of power generation.



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